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Fight Covid-19 with our disinfecting, cleaning and protective products

As an experienced manufacturer and distributor of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting products for your person and equipment, we are in a unique position to assist in reducing the contamination risk of the virus. Please consider our products to help you, your facility, your staff and customers fight the spread of the Coronavirus.

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The PetrA-1 Story

We were created in a collaborative spirit to ignite and foster an environment of innovation and excellence in order to support our industry and enhance the experience of those seeking a healthy lifestyle. With over 40 years in the health and fitness industry, Petra-1 is now looking forward to putting our years of expertise to work for you by providing high quality gym amenities.To learn more about the PetrA-1 story and products we offer click on the 'Learn More' button displayed above.

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  • Liquids

    Petra-1 has a unique product for the various type of members that visit your gyms. Our various wholesale shampoos, conditioners, hand soap, and body washes are made of the best ingredients and extracts. Produced with distinct smells and colors our products will give your members the best experience when it comes to your locker room supplies. .

  • Dispensers

    Foams, wipes, mouthwashes, lotions and shower supplies with the number of different types of products we sell, we strive to make sure you always have ways to dispense these products to your customers in the most convenient way possible. As such we offer the best wall mounted soap dispensers and soap dispenser bottles on the market at wholesale rates and even our own special solutions for your gym needs like our acclaimed wizard machine.

  • Amenities

    Your customers spend a considerable amount of time at your facilities and we try to provide all the products that your customers would need for their personal care. These include vanity items like bulk deodorant and mouthwash, wholesale toothbrushes and bulk colognes. When a customer visits your gym they make a commitment to taking care of their health, let our products take care of their personal care needs.

  • Towels

    Petra-1 excels in the variety of towels that we produce, these include gym towels, bath towels, pool towels, and even anti-theft towels that come with our very own anti towel system. All of these towels include a variety of high-quality materials from ringspun cotton to microfiber blends. Chose any of our wholesale towels for your facility.

  • Wipes

    We all know the importance of having a clean and health conscious gym facility, whether it be as customers or as gym owners. Understanding that fact, Petra-1 provides a number of choices for gyms in terms of their sanitizing wipes. Our two in house wipe brands, HealthEWipes & ClubWipes, offer economical cleaning solutions to the outdated spray bottle and paper towels while still ensuring the cleanlieness of your fitness facility.

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