Petra-1 Knows your facility is unique. We make and distrubte a very diverse lineup of wipe dispensers. We've got wipe bucket dispenser kits that won't break your budget, wall mounted wipes dispensers that offer a clean look, and stainless steel sanitizing wipes dispensers great for any wellness center, fitness facitlity, gyms, and any high traffic area. We also have wipe dispensers like wipe floor dispensers that stand by themselves with an adjacent garbage shute. We also supply wet wipes dispensers great for wholesale/commercial and individual needs. Lastly we supply sanitizing wipes dispensers. click here to check out our wholesale gym wipes!

Need bulk wipe refills for your wipe dispensers? Petra-1 are the leading supplier of antibacterial wipes, antiseptic wipes and surface and equipment wipes for use in a wide variety of coimmerical applications. Our line of equipment wipes includes our economically-friendly antibacterial wipes which are EPA registered to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Perfect for any facility in need of stayng safe and clean!

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