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At PetrA-1, we know that the service you provide to your guests is an important part of what sets your facility apart from competitors. Cohesive look and feel and high-quality products help to reinforce brand loyalty in the health and wellness sector, and our recent merger helps you achieve both. A-1 Textiles’ Fitness Division and Petra Hygienic Systems' USA Division have combined our leading industry presence and unprecedented efficiency to give our valued clients access to more than ever before, such as:

  • Towels
  • Soaps
  • Wipes
  • Liquids
  • Dispensers
  • And more!

In fact, our powerful collaboration of manufacturing, distributing and logistics gives PetrA-1 the ability to service our clients' studios, pools, spas, and gyms better than ever before. We offer more convenient access to premium and branded locker room amenities, no matter where your facility is located. With offices on both the East and West coasts and a comprehensive distribution network, we're ready to get you what you need, when you need it: period.


    Gyms & Fitness Centres Studios Hotels Food Industry Wellness Centres Schools Spas Event Centres Community Centres Golf Courses And more


    Toronto, Ontario LA, California Houston, Texas Atlanta, GA Calgary, Alberta Wayne, Indiana Reno, Nevada Sydney, Australia The Netherlands Shanghai, China


    Hair Care Body Care Oral Care Sanitization Wipes Dispensers Towels Soap Electrostatic Sprayers Masks And more

The PetrA-1 Experience

  • Imagine: One of your members comes into the locker room after swimming, ready to shower up and get back to their day. They reach for their bag, only to discover that their toiletries were left behind, back at home. This is a pivotal opportunity to impress them with your facility's forethought, thanks to PetrA-1. They'll find soap, shampoo and lotion waiting for them at the counter, each branded with the name and logo of your facility. Your client steps out of the shower, freshly washed, and is greeted with a rack of supremely soft, absorbent towels, also bearing your facility logo. Your client leaves feeling clean, refreshed and satisfied with their experience, making them not only likely to return, but happy to recommend memberships to their friends as well.

  • Imagine: Out on your gym's floor, a new client steps off a machine after a hard workout. Within arms' reach, a visible package of hygiene wipes awaits, ready to clean up handles, seats, or other contact points. Not only does this access ensure your guest is more likely to tidy up any equipment they use, it also reassures visitors that your facility puts hygiene safety on the forefront. If they need a towel to keep dry and comfortable as they push their physical limits, they'll find a stack of soft, clean branded hand towels nearby as well, courtesy of your partnership with PetrA-1.

  • Imagine: After a rejuvenating spa treatment, your relaxed client steps into your restroom and changing area to retrieve their clothes. As they approach the sink to check their hair and tidy up, they'll see a neat row of beautiful chrome dispensers for thoughtful locker room amenities like lotion or essential oil-fragranced soap. This appealing visual and experience becomes the "icing on the cake" for their visit to your facility, an extra touch of indulgence that will urge them to book another appointment with you as soon as possible.

No matter what your clientele needs, PetrA-1 is ready to provide it. Contact us today to take your customer experience - and operational efficiency - to the next level with fast, professional delivery of fitness amenities.


The PetrA-1 Team

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