PetrA-1 offers a wide variety of gym wipe dispensers and soap dispensers to suit every specific fitness center. We understand that every facility is unique and has different requirements. We strive to offer every type of soap dispenser you need, from double and triple soap dispensers for showers and vanities to soap dispensers with screened or printed labels of your choosing. Gym wipe dispensers are essential to these areas to ensure cleanliness, hygiene and for stopping the spread of viruses and bacteria. Our gym wipe dispensers are made with anti-roping technology so that the wipes are dispensed smoothly. We offer wall-mounted gym wipe dispensers, free standing gym wipe dispensers, gym wipe dispensers with an attached trash bin, and floor bucket gym wipe dispensers. There is a specific gym wipe dispenser for every club! Both our soap dispensers and gym wipe dispensers are reusable, easy to assemble and environmentally-friendly. These low-cost, high-value dispensers can bring a sense of luxury to any fitness facility, wellness center, spa or high traffic area. Scroll below to browse our catalogue of soap dispensers, gym wipe dispensers and more. If you are looking for gym wipes to pair with our dispensers look here. Our shampoos and Conditioners are perfect for our liquid dispensers. Look for there here

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