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Suitmate Swimsuit Dryer

Product # SM6000

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Suitmate Swimsuit Dryer for Commercial Pools | Commercial Pools #1 choice 

The Suitmate Swimsuit Dryer is great for commercial pools who need an efficent Extractor that is used at pools and locker rooms to spin dry a wet bathing suit in 8 seconds. Using centrifugal force, this American made machine removes 95% of a suit’s water and reducese the hazards in commericial pools, while also making your members happy. The automatic timer helps protect your Suitmate water extractor from overuse. Used to keep pool water from facility damage, the Suitmate is the most reliable and durable swimsuit dryer for commercial pools.

Features of the SUITMATE® Swimsuit Dryer:

  • Reduces water damage
  • Diminishes fixture corrosion and minimizes rust on metal surfaces
  • Helps extend the life of flooring and carpets
  • Reduces a source of mold and mildew
  • Helps extend the life of hand and hair dryers
  • Frees swimmers from wet gym bags
  • Keeps lockers dry and odor-free
  • Eliminates schools’ bathing suit exchange programs
  • Encourages pool use

Suitmate is very Easy to Operate. A Lifesaver for Commercial pools  

  • Uses manual start and self-stop
  • Has no exposed moving parts
  • Uses no heat
  • Is safe for all swimsuit fabrics
  • Has a moisture-proof electrical junction box
  • Uses built-in ground fault circuit interrupter
  • This swimsuit dryer includes a wall-mount bracket for hanging and a moisture-proof electrical junction box
  • Allows for water disposal to be directed to floor drain or piped to waste-water system



Product: Suitmate Swimsuit Dryer
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