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Draco Triple Bathroom Soap Dispenser | Best wall mounted Soap dispenser

This Simple wonder of a soap dispenser is the everyone needs for their facilites! The Draco ShowerSlim Trio is ideal for your gyms, fitness centers, wellness centers and spas. It's a wall mounted soap dispenser that can be paired with hand lotion, hand soap & hand sanitizer. It comes with a new "Slim Look" design, a specially designed thumb pressing spot for dispensing and a window so that your employees can observe soap dispenser levels. This Draco Soap dispenser come in the form of 350 mil cartridges that can easily be refilled and loaded for maintenance in your gym. Created with ABS plastic and a glossy finish, this soap dispenser is durable and retains a fresh look even with long periods of use.

In the end, if safety is your concern, this Soap dispenser comes with double hole lock tabs and can easily be permanently attached to walls with screw sets or an adhesive. If you are looking for soap refills for the Draco Triple Bathroom soap dispenser then click here

More Savings for you !

If you're looking for other hand lotion, soap, sanitizer dispeners look no further than our Aviva Single wall mounted DIspenser or Aviva Double mounted dispenser.

At Petra we offer a variety of liquid products for you gym, from bulk lotion, to shampoo,body wash,hand soap and conditioner. Due to the triple dispensers you can also use any combination of these product to fit what is best for your facility. 


  • The New "Slim Look"design
  • Vertical style window for soap level indication
  • Key - double hole lock tabs
  • Great for Commercial Spaces such as: Restaurants, Gym's, Offices,  
  • Permanent install with screw sets or adhesive for effortless installation
  • Special designed thumb pressing action for easy dispensing
  • 350ml = 300 measures will last 1.5 months depends on usage
  • Private silkscreen labeling available
  • For lotionized liquids



Product: Draco 350ml Triple Bathroom Dispenser 1130-3 White
Shipping Weight: 1.5lbs
Shipping Dimensions:


Capacity: 12oz x 3






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