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Aviva III Wall Mounted Dispenser – Chrome

Product # MC2134

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Aviva III Wall Mounted Hand Lotion, Antibactrial Soap, Sanitizer Dispenser | Best Wall Mounted lotion,Soap,sanitizer dispenser

The Aviva chrome wall mounted hand lotion, antibacterial soap , sanitizer dispenser is an inspired combination of design, style, and practicality. It is an ideal soap dispenser for your gyms,wellnes center, fitness center, locker rooms, healthcare, education, food service/processing faciilites, and any other high- volume envionment. 

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Easy to install and easy to refill the antibacterial soap dispenser comes with a reliable pump and a lifetime warranty. The three-chamber dispenser can easily dispense all the essential liquids such as shampoos, body wash, conditioner or any other suitable products.To install the pump you don't need any tools, just use a waterproof adhesive and the 2-way tape and your water-resistant chrome plated dispenser will be ready to use.

if you're also looking for a single mounted Antibacterial soap dispenser, look at our Aviva wall mounted Dispenser!

This Chrome Aviva wall mounted hand lotion ,antibacterial soap, sanitizer dispenser comes with a triple chamber. This can be used for shampoo,antibacterial handsoap,bodywash or a combination item like a shampoo and conditioner combo.


  • Eliminate shower bottle clutter with this convenient dispenser
  • Individual chambers lift off the wall for easy cleaning and re-filling
  • Smooth, reliable Dispenser™ pumps have a Lifetime Warranty
  • Installsthe chromecolored dispenserin minutes without tools, using waterproof silicone adhesive and 2-way tape
  • Housing constructed from durable, water-resistant chrome plated ABS plastic



Product: Aviva III Wall Mounted Dispenser - Chrome
Shipping Weight: 1.9lbs
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Capacity: 11oz x 3






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